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La GUADUAmuebles is an eco-friendly furniture business located in the center of Colombia (South America) in the Tolima state. It was founded in September 26, 1988 with the main objectives of the growing, exploitation and industrial transformation of Guadua into functional and decorative furniture and into architectural structures.  


Our leading place in the country’s furniture industry for more than 20 years have lead us to take the next step and incursion the global marketplace along with the local market. We are very proud of the fact that our product is 100% Colombian made, starting from all the materials and the human resources to the management of our business. We are confident that our high quality products and extraordinary designs are going to captivate the international interest. 


Guadua (bamboo) is a gramineous plant that belongs to the grass family. It is often associated with bamboo and that is why it is better known with the name of “bambusa guadua”. Guadua possesses many physical and mechanical properties that make it a very strong natural resource. It is often referred to as the “vegetable steel” and its durability and strength makes it a very desirable building material. Best of all, Guadua is an eco-friendly resource. This vegetal wonder enjoys of renewable characteristics that go beyond those of any other plant in the planet. This species of bamboo regenerates itself after it has been harvested and taken care for. (We have our own plantation)     



Construction and Furniture made out of Guadua (Bamboo)  

All of products are environmental- friendly 


Con el apoyo de:
Ministerio de Comercio, Industria y Turismo Gobernacion del Tolima Camara de Comercio de Ibague FOMIPYME